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Domain Name Registrar Recommendation

If you’re looking at starting that project and looking to register a domain then check out this affordable and comprehensive domain name registrar recommendation.

This is a 2 part series where I go into recommendations for a domain provider first, and in the otherpost I recommend an excellent web hosting provider so make sure to check that out here.

In the process of starting this blog I had to embark on the age old process of finding a good domain name provider and web host. 

Before, I went for the easy option: well known and all inclusive. That was GoDaddy. My experience with GoDaddy was so-so. The customer support was good, if slow at times. The cPanel was adequate and the renewal process was easy. But there were some major downsides: server speed, price hikes after initial offer ends, and sometime confusing fees.

This leads me on to giving my recommendation for the domain provider I am now using that provides excellent service and flat no-nonsense pricing:

Google Domains

Google Domains

It’s thanks to a work colleague that I became aware of Google Domains. Everyone knows Google, but I never thought they would realm into the domain provider space. It seemed a little too small-fry. Low and behold, they have and I’m very happy they have.

Why This Domain Name Registrar Recommendation?

The domain control panel is perfect; simple and to the point. The prices simplified, not baiting you in with a cheap deal then hiking them up when it comes to renewal. The domain search functionality is excellent too- you wouldn’t expect anything less from Google. There is also great synergy with Gmail as it allows you to easily set up an email with your domain for an affordable flat cost. And the extra bonus of the email client being Gmail makes life so much easier.

With that said, it would be good to hear your suggestions if you have other domain name provider recommendations. You can check out my other posts here and if you want to contact me then please dont hesitate to do so.

Happy developing! – BM 🙂

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